Christmas Sensory Ribbons

These beautiful Christmas sensory ribbons make a perfect addition to a Christmas Eve box or great stocking filler for babies. Made from high quality, different textured ribbons they make a beautiful gift. 

Great for interacting with your little one, who will love watching the ribbons dance in the air. The bright Christmas colours and movement will capture your little one’s attention, developing their hand/eye coordination, strengthening their eye muscles, improving concentration and encouraging grasping and exploration.

Bells can be added for an extra sensory touch and Christmasy feel. All sensory ribbons come with their own organza bag, perfect for popping in your bag for play outside of the home.

✨For supervised play only. Long ribbons can be a strangulation risk.
✨Not suitable as a teething toy.
✨Bells can be a choke hazard.

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